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Hi, I’m Aideen, a high-end wedding photographer in Ireland. I specialize in capturing stylish soirees with a refined and editorial eye, turning fleeting moments into tangible memories, and documenting deep breaths, big hugs, and epic celebrations.

My photographic journey has followed a rich and varied path. With a degree in visual arts, specializing in design, I have mastered my art over the last thirteen years, working as a Graphic Designer and then as an established wedding and editorial photographer.

I am often described as being soft-spoken with a gentle, creative soul. How I work is sensitive and subtle, guiding you with gentle art direction only when required. At the heart of my creative ethos lies a profound appreciation for fine art and graphic design principles. I work with both film and digital media, blending a documentary approach with artful elements to ensure the best possible coverage of your wedding. I do not fit within the confines of any one ‘style’ of wedding photography. Instead, I aim to create intimate heirlooms that exude the timeless sophistication, style, and legacy unique to each couple’s love story.

It is truly a privilege to immerse myself in the delicate dance between light, emotions, composition, and the narrative of your day to capture you at your best! Ultimately, I hope my photography will transcend your wedding to show you how remarkable you are, not just today but in ten, twenty, and even fifty years.

Please know I only take on a limited number of weddings annually, allowing ample time, energy, and space to dedicate to each commission.


My Process
  • Listen to Your Unique Story

  • Become Genuinely Invested in Your Day

  • Tailor My Approach to Best Serve You

  • Work Hard. Make Magic. Create Art.

  • Preserve Your Memories as a Legacy