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Wow, You’re Getting Married! Congratulations!

Planning a wedding is super exciting – but it can also be a bit stressful. The to-do list seems never ending and there are so many things to think about. I’ve been to many weddings over the past ten years, as a wedding industry professional and as a guest and I’ve gathered up lots of hints and tips specifically to help make sure you get the very best wedding photos you can. These are just suggestions, so take from them what you think will work, but I hope you find them helpful.

Ready? Let’s go.
Top Ten tips on how to get awesome wedding photos


1. Pick the Right Photographer

Your wedding day is a big investment in terms of time, money, and emotions, so it’s really important to make choices that you’ll love in ten or even fifty years from now. Trends in wedding photography come and go, but you’ll treasure timeless, beautiful photos forever.

Before booking your photographer take some time to consider the way you would like your big day to be captured. Do you love light, bright and airy photos, dark and moody tones or vibrant colours? Are you looking for traditional posed portraits or something really creative? What about the person behind the lens? Are they someone you would like to have at your wedding? There’s no one right choice, only the right choice for you.

My approach is very candid and relaxed with a cinematic look. I’m all about creating honest and timeless images with gentle direction only when needed. My couples often forget I was even there! If that sounds like your vibe then please get in touch with me ( I book up really fast so definitely reach out sooner rather than later) or check out my portfolio.

2. Talk to Your Photographer

While most photographers have a distinct style and approach, they will usually adapt how they shoot to each unique wedding day. However, it is still important to chat about your vision for the day. Your photographer can’t read your mind so you have got to tell them what you would like them to focus on.  I find it helpful to know what is most important to you as a couple so I can plan accordingly and deliver your dream photos!

4. Keep Light in Mind

I have one word for you, my friends: lighting. This is absolutely key. Yes, it’s my job to get those magic shots no matter the conditions but you can definitely help when you’re choosing your venue and planning your day. Natural light is what we want – I’ll incorporate flash if I need to, like during the reception after the sun’s gone down, but it doesn’t make for the most flattering shots. So what can you do? Think about what time of day has the best natural light ­– usually late afternoon – and plan your ceremony and portrait sessions around that. ­

Choosing your venue

Winter weddings are magical aren’t they? But please keep in mind that it will be getting dark much earlier than usual, and it’s quite possible that the sky will be grey and stormy (especially here in Ireland) meaning there’s less natural light in general. So you’ll need to choose a location and venue with as much natural light as possible. Are there lots of windows? Can you create more light with candles?

Summer weddings are more likely to be bright and sunny BUT this kind of light often creates harsh shadows and sweaty, squinty faces. Time of day is important for sunny weddings – try and avoid planning your ceremony for mid day when the sun is at it’s brightest and make sure there are some shady areas for group photos.

Confused? I’m always happy to chat about it with my couples.

Indoor ceremonies

When it comes to indoor ceremonies, lighting is the most important thing to consider. Whatever your space looks like, positioning yourselves in a pool of natural light will get you the best, most beautiful photos. If the venue is just dark, and only lit by artificial overhead lighting your photos will be harsh and stark. If you’re worried about it feel free to send me photos or videos of your location to your photographer so you can brainstorm together.

Outdoor ceremonies

Again, think about the light. You don’t want to be standing in direct, mid-day sunshine so consider whether there are shady options like a large tree or beautiful pergola that you could stand under for your vows.


When choosing your reception space consider a good mix of lighting – the natural glow of sunset, string lights, lanterns, candles and bistro lights will all help to create a beautiful glowing atmosphere that looks great in pictures. Lighting the perimeter of your dance floor is a good idea too!

4. Get Ready Somewhere Beautiful

Those getting ready images are the perfect time to get used to having your photographer around. Pretty soon you’ll be so caught up in the moment you won’t even notice the camera. It’s your chance to have a few moments of calm with some of your most special people before the giddiness and joy of the rest of the day. It’s probably one of the only times you’ll have someone there to capture those moments.

Try and choose a calm, beautifully decorated space that compliments the moments being shared, rather than distracts from them. Think timeless décor, great natural light and pretty backdrops. Instead of a stark hotel room, perhaps a fairy-tale Airbnb or inn might be a better option?

5. Consider the First Look

The first look gives you both a chance to have a quiet, intimate moment together before you are caught up in the excitement of the day and it makes for some amazing photos. It also means we’re able to get a few portraits of the two of you together earlier in the day so the portrait session later on  can be shorter. It doesn’t have to be something dramatic and staged – just the two of you enjoying each other’s company for ten minutes. Don’t be afraid to have fun and get emotional!

6. Prepare for the ‘Big’ Moments

Down the aisle

One of the best photos from the day is the ‘walking down the aisle’ or ‘first look on the aisle’ shot. Remember to leave enough time for your bridal party or priest to get out of the way before you begin your walk so they don’t block the view.

The Kiss

Everyone cheers! You’re finally married! You might feel a bit shy about PDA but a quick peck will be difficult to catch on camera. Enjoy that first kiss as a married couple – it will give your photographer plenty of chances to get the magical shot.

Dinner and Speeches

Everyone loves ‘reaction’ shots when the speeches are happening, but they’re a little tricky if you and your partner are hidden behind a massive center piece. Try and keep the head table, or wherever you are sitting, minimal and clutter free so that your photographer can get clear shots as you cry and laugh your way through the evening.

Uplighting can be lovely but try to avoid any colours that might make you look a bit ill (think pink, green or purple). And please don’t forget the podium or area where the speeches will happen! This will be the backdrop to many photos so if you can choose a space free of exit signs, fire escapes, speakers, DJ booths and any other visual clutter that will make a big difference to the images your photographer can capture. It might also help to decorate it a bit and make sure the speaker will be lit properly – chat to your florist or wedding planner about ideas.

First Dance

If you’re hiring a DJ, chances are they will use some sort of lighting rig to liven up the dance floor. This is great for the party, but not so wonderful for romantic first dance pictures. Ask your DJ to use neutral lighting for your first dance and give yourselves plenty of time swaying on the dance floor, just the two of you, so your photographer can get all those beautiful shots.

7. Don’t Forget the Little Details


Unplugged weddings are a big trend at the moment. Guests are either asked to leave phones and cameras at home, or not to bring them out during the day. They may also be asked not to post any photos on social media until after you’ve had a chance to post the professional ones. This means that you won’t get a rebel guest popping into the aisle to take a photo and ruining the photos you’ve actually paid for. I think it’s a good idea!


If possible, it would be great if your officiant used a hand-held or lapel mic so that the stand doesn’t get in the middle of the photos.


Getting your guests to fling rose petals, organic confetti or lavender during the recessional can turn an incredible moment into a truly unforgettable photograph.

Family Photos

Formal family and wedding party photographs are some of the most important of the day – the ones that will be hung on walls of your home and passed down to future generations. It’s a good idea to set aside at least forty-five minutes for them and organize them beforehand. Share a detailed list of everyone you’d like to see in a photo together with both your photographer and a designated member of your bridal party to help “wrangle” everyone together.


I prefer not to take my couples away from their loved ones for hours on end to get millions of photos. I want you to enjoy your day! Of course you will want some romantic photos of the two of you together so why not consider breaking your portrait session into about two or three small sessions lasting around fifteen to thirty minutes each? And again, consider lighting! Planning your ceremony to allow for enough time for portraits in natural light afterwards is important.

8. Embrace the Weather

Obviously, there’s only so much we can do about the weather right? So choosing to be ‘ok’ with whatever comes will certainly help things run smoothly. From my point of view, the more risks (within reason) you’re willing to take the more wild, exciting and incredible your photos will be. What’s the worst that could happen? A little bit of dirt on a dress you’ll never wear again and some rain in your hair? It might just be worth it for the photos that will follow.

It might help to be prepared with a second pair of comfortable shoes, a warm jacket and towel or two.

Consider mixing up the indoors, with the outdoors. Some of the most incredible photos are taken in unexpected locations. A great photographer will be able to see great potential in what might not look all that amazing to you. So trust their vision.

9. Have a Realistic Timeline

Things almost always take longer than planned, especially on a wedding day! Make a schedule for the day that leaves plenty of room for change so that you can avoid any stress if something gets delayed!

10. Trust Your Photographer

I’m sure you’ve spent hours searching through huge amounts of photographers before you landed on the one, or maybe it was a ‘love at first sight’ moment? Either way, you’ve chosen your photographer for a reason! Your photographer is there to make sure you have the best day without having to worry about photos, so relax and trust them to work their magic.

The results will be worth it!

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