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What drew me to weddings is not all the fluff around ceremonies and receptions but rather why weddings exist in the first place. Love! I love what weddings stand for. I love an epic love story! When I find a good romance novel, I can’t put it down, and I aim to create images that will draw you into your own epic love story in a way that you also can’t put down!

I specialise in turning fleeting moments into tangible memories and making you say, ‘Wow! That’s Us!’. I aim to create photographs that feel effortless and beautiful, full of genuine moments of emotion and connection. I’ve refined my approach to be personalised, elevated, and laid-back so you will eventually forget I was there.

Martinstown House is a dream to photograph and it’s literally on my doorstep so I am offering an exclusive 500 discount on all Martinstown House wedding photography packages.

Every step of the journey with me is thoughtful and honest because I want to create photographs that matter, not just today, but in ten, twenty, and even fifty years. My goal is to gift you with artful images that become a timeless family heirloom that helps anchor you in your love for years to come.

Do you want a chance to create an artful and timeless family heirloom? Get in touch below and let’s chat.


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