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Weddings are full of spontaneous, surprising, unscripted and true universal magic. You can’t plan for it, but I can capture it.


My approach on the day is very relaxed with gentle direction only when needed. I aim to document your day as it naturally unfolds. I’m all about the real feelings and in-between moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. Having been a professional photographer for over ten years, my intuition about how and when to shoot is a time-honed skill.

Your wedding is more than a fancy photo shoot or a bunch of staged moments. It is a celebration of all the love in your life. It’s my intention to capture it in an honest, cinematic and artful way. So, when you look back at your wedding album in the years to come, you can be reminded of all the emotions you felt and the love you have for each other.

We Are in This Together So We Can Create Something Beautiful

What to expect from Me


Impactful Images

My background in art, design and film has given me a creative awareness of light, shadow, shapes and lines along with an appreciation for intentional image making. I want your wedding photos to be timeless, and my editing style reflects that. My goal will always be to capture your day in an honest and thoughtful way. To deliver unique and beautiful images that draw you into the story.


Analog Magic

I often work with film (you know the made by Kodak type of film) as well as digital. I’m all about embracing the happy accidents and imperfections of the medium! This style of hybrid photography is much less about environment and staged documentation, and more about capturing the essence of this fleeting time in your life. I love exploring all kinds of different creative methods using cameras that are anywhere from eighty years old to brand new.



The connection we have together is really important. I am your eyes and ears throughout the day, so getting to know you is a big part of how I work. I find the best art comes from lots of honest communication, collaboration and trust.


Help When You Need It

Planning a wedding can be super overwhelming with a ton of stuff to figure out. I’m here to help every step of the way. I will guide you on what works and what doesn’t and how to get the most out of your day. Most of all, I will do my very best to make sure that you are free to experience your beautiful wedding and live in the moment!


Non-traditional Style

I love when my couples approach things a little differently. I’m here for all the couples who plan to ride down the aisle on bicycles or say their vows on a mountain top after hiking in the rain! I’m here for the intimate elopements, the druid ceremonies, the grand cathedrals as well as those tiny romantic chapels and the fancy-dress Hollywood style weddings. Whatever way you want to do this, I’m here to capture it in all its magical and wonder-filled glory.


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