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“We Feel So Unbelievably Lucky to Have Had Aideen Shoot Our Wedding”

“Aideen’s photos speak for themselves: beautiful, intimate, fun, and a reflection of who we really are as a couple and family. Not only is she a gifted technical photographer, but she is great at making people feel relaxed and she is so good at capturing authentic memories. We feel so unbelievably lucky to have had Aideen shoot our wedding.”

"Beautiful, Intimate, Fun"

“Aideen’s Photography Is Nothing Short of Amazing”

“Her work is cinematic and intimate and captures beautiful moments in a candid form. We were so lucky to meet Aideen and have her photograph our very special celebration! Thank you a million times, Aideen, you are brilliant.”

"They still bring tears to my eyes. Thank you, Aideen, for capturing our wedding so beautifully. We are forever grateful!"

The Best Email I Ever Recieved

From A Guest of the Happy Couple


At Sara and Donal’s wedding I thought your work ethic was really impressive, as well as how unobtrusive you were, and yet could command things when you really needed to. I’ve seen other photographers at weddings who can be a tad obnoxious and seem to think the photos are the most important aspect and thus will hog the couple’s time, where-as I really liked how you ninja-ed your way around the place and documented the people and moments, as well as how you dealt with the setup photos really efficiently.

When we actually saw the photos I really liked your composition and naturalistic tone, as well the earthy grading. My tastes would definitely be more in line with your style than the more glossy magazine approach. I’ve done two weddings myself and know how time intensive the editing process is, and I could see you had really put the time in, as opposed to just lashing on a pre-set and exporting!

Aoife is quite nervous about all the attention being on her at the wedding and the last thing she wanted was a photographer who would be amplifying the stress, so after seeing your photos and observing how you were at Donal and Sara’s we thought you would be the perfect fit!

"I really liked how you ninja-ed your way around the place and documented the people and moments"

"...Incredible! So unique and SO US!"

“She Made Us Feel Very Comfortable and Relaxed”

“We had so much fun shooting with Aideen. She made us feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire day and we absolutely adore the results.”

"Everything We Imagined and More!"

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Aideen Anna Photography values telling your story and creating Dynamic, Emotive and Intentional images. I photograph weddings, engagement sessions and Elopements in Ireland as well as destination weddings all over the world.